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"Small daily improvements over time create stunning results." Robin Sharma

First had the idea to start writing a blog at the end of 2004. I've always been a great content consumer, mostly from technical websites and blogs, but the fear that i'd have nothing to contribute stopped me from having my own blog.

Over the years i took notes of technical problems i came across and i adopted new technologies, of which i'm about to write in this blog. Some of these technologies, that i've recently used in my projects, are:

Recently i started contributing to Perl modules on CPAN and i was involved in the creation of the #perl-ro IRC channel on Freenode. One of the main reasons for this blog is the popularization of Perl in the web media in Romania; Perl is used by many romanian programmers but there is no local community.

From a technical view, this blog has been created using Template Toolkit templates and some scripts for generating the static content. I'm planning to create a blog platform using Mojolicious; i will write about it's progress in this blog.